6 Ways To Find True Happiness

True Happiness

Finding true happiness
Being happy and being truly happy is two different things. When I say true happiness I mean the feeling of having a deep sense of inner well-being and peace. When you find that feeling you don’t really need any material things to experience happiness.

I have just begun to find this inner peacefulness and it’s a truly amazing feeling. It’s like I have an inner sense of trust that everything is ok. This feeling of peacefulness and happiness is so overwhelming and positive that I wanted to write about it. Hopefully this can inspire you to find your inner calm as well.


Happiness comes from within
True happiness is something we can only find inside ourselves. The moments of happiness we’ll find outside ourselves is just passing by. Happiness outside ourselves can be found in buying new things, travel, relationships, money….

Happiness from within is created by you. The thoughts you have create the situations you’re in. If you for instance think happy thoughts you will feel happy and react in a positive way to a certain situation. If you were feeling angry, because of negative thoughts you would have reacted in a different, less positive way and the same situation would turn out completely different. The good thing is that we are in charge of our own thoughts. You can learn to think in a more positive way and your feelings and situations will become much brighter.

I have done several different things to find inner calm and happiness and here are six of my favorite “happy excercices”. I hope you’ll try them. With practice and patience you will feel lighter and happier and you will start looking at yourself in the mirror with more love than before.

Lets begin……


Exercise 1 –  Love yourself!
All of us need to hear loving words. Be your own best friend and speak only kind, loving words to yourself. I start every day by looking in my bathroom mirror and I say to myself…

— ”You are beautiful!”
— ”I love you!”

I say this every morning and often several more times during the day when I look in the mirror. I say this regardless of what mindset I have at the moment. I can be really tired, my hair in a mess and I say it anyway. It feels good. It will do magic for your self esteem and your emotions. We all need love. There’s never too much love to be had. Try this at least once a day for a couple of minutes and if you can add some emotions it will be even more efficient. Try to FEEL the love for yourself. Feel that you are beautiful. Look at yourself with loving eyes. Nu judging, no negative thoughts. Just love. Nothing can be as rewarding for your heart as hearing these words ”I love you”. Look into your eyes and see yourself. See your soul and see how much it longs for you to say that you love yourself no matter what the body looks like, no matter what you can or cannot do, no matter what you have or haven’t achieved in your life, regardless what you think of yourself. Put that aside for a moment and see yourself as the beautiful spirit you are and send loving thoughts to yourself.


Exercise 2 – Smile!
Smile. You don’t need to be happy to smile. Your brain doesn’t know if you are happy or not. It’s only reacting to your thoughts. If you’re smiling it will smile back upon you and give you more happy thoughts and more happy feelings.

At first smiling when you’re not happy may feel awkward, but soon smiling will become easier. You will feel lighter and more positive and you will get more and more reasons to smile.

Try to smile right now! How does it feel? It may take a few minutes but most of the time you will feel more happy. You can smile in your car, when you do the dishes, in the shower, when you pay your bills, while you’re watching tv. Smile as often as you can. It will tell your brain that you are in a positive state of mind and when you are in a positive state of mind you will have more of the positive feelings. Great, huh? It’s not a quick fix that will make everything totally awesome in a flash, but it is a great way to start feeling better.


Exercise 3 – Plan to become happy!
Search for a way to make your days brighter by thinking about your day one day ahead. Think of how you want your day to turn out. What do you want to do? Where would you like to go and who would you like to meet? Make a plan and decide to take charge over your days and not let chance take over. If you don’t plan your day, most likely it will turn out like any other day. Try this…

Take out a piece of paper. Write down all the things you wish to accomplish during the following day. Don’t think about if you will have time for all of the things you want to do or not. Just write them down. Now, place them in order. What is most important and what is less important? Make a numbered list. Take the less important stuff and cross them out if you feel you don’t really need to do it right now. Prioritize and make a list to be seen in the morning. Place the list where you can see it. Keep a pencil nearby so you can cross each line out as you have finished your task.

This exercise will give you the time you need to finish more things than you usually do.

Planning your day ahead is a great way to take control over your day and to get more things done. It will make you feel less stressed and you will have more time for the fun stuff. Write down one thing every day that you know will make you smile. It can be a moment with a great book, a few minutes on the phone with a friend, a walk in the nature…. whatever makes you feel happy. Don’t think that you can save it for tomorrow. Do at least one thing that makes you smile each day.


Exercise 4 – Be extraordinary!
When you are listening to your soul and you live a life that you love, you shine and you are extraordinary. There is just one of you and you are extraordinary! You just need to come out of your shell and show yourself to the world.

What do you want? Where do you want to be in your life? Who do you want to live with? Where do you want to work? When you have the answer to these questions and you start taking the first steps towards living accordingly, you will start being the true you. The person your soul wants you to be and you will be extraordinary. You will be you.

If you feel that you are not on the right path and you want to find out what your path is, do this exercise……


Exercise 5 – Life path exercise – What does your soul want?
Sit down and take out a piece of paper and a pencil. Write down all of your dreams. Choose one of your biggest dreams. DONT DREAM SMALL! Dare to dream big….you only live once. Don’t pay any attention to your own negative and logic thoughts that are thinking…I cannot…how is this going to become reality…I am not rich enough…I don’t have the time….just write down your dreams.

Be precise and explain everything you want. In detail. Don’t miss anything. The more you describe your dream, the more vividly you dream up the dream the more it is likely it will become true. You need to relax, focus and feel what you want.

Arrange all your dreams in a line with the biggest dream on top.

Which one is your biggest dream?

Take action. Even if its just one small step…take action. Even if you want to become the president…take action. Take a course in law, go to the phone and make a call. Do whatever it takes in order to get there. It might seem impossible and even ridiculous, but if you’re not taking the first step you’re never going to get there.


For those of you who don’t know what your dreams are…
If you feel that you don’t know what your dreams are, then sit down in nature and relax. Find peace and quiet. Enjoy the silence. Enjoy the nature. Find a beautiful spot where you can have a moment on your own without being disturbed.

Ask your guides, your god or, if you don’t believe they exist, ask your highest consciousness (yourself) ”what are my souls wishes?” Wait for an image, a feeling, an answer. If you still don’t feel or hear anything, don’t panic. It will come to you. Once you have asked it will come to you. Be open to the answer and don’t judge it. Maybe you weren’t aware of what you truly wanted. It can be a life altering change like changing career from being a doctor to becoming a florist.


Exercise 6 — Affirmations
You deserve to be the most brilliant, smiling person there is. If you don’t feel that your life is moving in the right direction you are probably in need of some changes. If you want to change something, sit down and make a plan. Everything seems easier once you get it down on a piece of paper.
If that doesn’t help, if it still feels impossible to achieve your goals, then dream. There is nothing as powerful as dreaming. Your energies will direct themselves to the universe and they will hear your dreams. They will support your thoughts and they will deliver.

I first learned about affirmations many years ago when the book “The Law of Attraction” became popular. I saw the movie and I was really fascinated by all the different life stories and how thinking in a positive way helped them get the life they wanted. It sounded almost too good to be true. I love trying new things and I was too curious not to try this method.

I made a big board with pictures that I found in magazines. The pictures were representing my dreams and I was visualizing them for a couple of minutes every day for a couple of weeks. I tried to feel myself living in my dreams, but after a couple of weeks when nothing had happened I gave up and resumed to my normal life.

Even though there is no real evidence that affirmations should work, I still believe in it. It’s just a gut feeling and I’d love to try it again. I recently stumbled across a blog, (The feel good lifestyle) written by Phil Drolet, and I was intrigued by his story. Reading about his journey I felt as if there were a lot of similarities with what I had experienced and I decided that I would give this affirmation thing another try. I’d been thinking about it several times before, but I always seemed to have an excuse why I should wait and do it another time. Now I’m really inspired and I have already ordered the same book and audio files that Phil recommended. Now I’m waiting for them to arrive. I’m so excited. I’m going to start as soon as I get the book. I’ll keep you posted…

If you’re interested in the books and CD series I ordered, you’ll find them here…

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