Chocolate-covered strawberries on a stick



A bouquet of strawberries dipped in chocolate.
This is a nice homemade gift that you can bring instead of flowers or a bottle of wine.

Fresh strawberries
Dark chocolate
Roasted pistachio nuts, diced into very small pieces
Coconut flakes
Wooden sticks
A pretty ribbon

Put each strawberry on a stick and dip two thirds of it in melted chocolate. Wait until the chocolate is almost dry and sprinkle half of the strawberries with pistachio nuts and the other half with coconut flakes. It´s also nice to sprinkle some flake salt on the pistachio strawberries.
When the strawberries are completely dry tie a knot around the sticks with a pretty ribbon and make a bow.

Try to find organic strawberries if possible.
Strawberries have a very high level of pesticide residue.

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