Affirmations and a new project

Positive affirmations - The law of attraction
Positive affirmations - The law of attraction
Positive affirmations - The law of attraction

Positive affirmations
I’ve been thinking about starting painting for a long time and I’ve had this idea that I want to make paintings to help me with positive affirmations. Just before summer I read a book by Dr. Wayne Dyer about how we can change our lives and get what we want if we imagine that we already have it (positive affirmations – I wrote about it here >>). I’ve spent this summer trying different affirmations and by now I’m convinced it works. I first started off by trying something small. I really wanted to get a magazine to write about my blog so I imagined myself already having the magazine in my hand with the article about me and my blog in it. I imagined how I visited their office and I had brought some of my homemade raw food cookies. We all laughed, hugged and had a great time. Off course they wanted to write about me. =) I could feel how happy I was when I was imagining all of this as if it was already happening.

It worked!
I spent a lot of time every day thinking and focusing on this image. When I was driving my car, when I was making dinner, as I was sitting in my couch watching tv and one and a half weeks later something happened. I tried to post one of my recipes on a new webpage that I hadn’t visited before. When I published my recipe on their page I wasn’t allowed to link to my blog, so I wrote to the editor and asked if I had missed a box or something. Why would I give them recipes if I wasn’t able to link to my blog?

One day later I got an e-mail saying that they didn’t link to other pages but they loved my blog and if I wanted they would be happy to write an article about me! Wow! That was my first experience with trying affirmations. One week later I got another offer from another food magazine saying they wanted to write about me too.

I’ve tried a few different things since then and they have all come true. Thats how I got the idea that I wanted to make paintings to make it easier to affirm positive things and feelings into my life. I always find it easier to imagine something if I have a picture to look at and with a picture I would be reminded of my goal every time I saw it.

This first painting will be a positive affirmation for “I love my life”. I have just started so we’ll see how it turns out.

Positive affirmations - The law of attraction

The law of attraction
If you’d like to know more about affirmations and how to get started listen to Dr. Wayne Dyer on You Tube. He has lots of videos where he explains the law of attraction. I always get very inspired when I listen to him talk.

Your wish is your command

your wish is my command

How listening to Dr Wayne Dyer cd’s changed my life
This is the cd’s I bought and listened to last spring and it has totally changed my life. So many positive things have happened and still do happen because I have changed the way I’m thinking and because I’m now aware of how my thoughts create my reality.

I can really recommend that you listen to these cd’s. You don’t have to buy them like I did. Go to You Tube and search for “Kevin Trudeau’s Your Wish is Your Command CD 1” and then search for “Kevin Trudeau’s Your Wish is Your Command CD 2”. I think there are twelve cd’s. I listened to one cd each day.

Heres a link to all of the cd’s >>

On the first four cd’s Wayne is talking about basic things and I got a bit frustrated because I wanted to learn how to attract positive things into my life at once. Don’t give up…keep listening! You will find out how to do it in cd five or six. The first four cd’s are a bit boring but they are important so don’t give up.

Lots of love,



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