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The Law Of Attraction – How To Get What You Want

How to get what you want

Sometimes when you want something very much it seems almost impossible to get it. There is an easy way to fix that and you don’t need to work so hard to get what you want. Most of the time we tend to think that hard work is what is needed to get where we want and it’s true that many people achieve a lot by working hard, but they also tend to wear themselves out and they get sick because of the stress and the strain they are putting on themselves. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t work, but by shifting our focus first we can easily achieve what we want without making our bodies pay the price. We can use the power of mind and align energetically with what we want and we will automatically be drawn to it. That’s how the law of attraction works.

You are always drawn to whatever you are focusing on and if you’re not in alignment with what you want you will need to work really hard at getting there and you will feel a resistance all of the way. You will meet lots of challenges and you are likely to fail. If you instead use the power you have to shift focus from how to get what you want to “I already have what I want”  you will get a whole new feeling. Pretending that you already have what you want is called visualization and it will create a new thought, a new pathway in your brain that in time, with consistent training will get stronger and stronger. You will be more and more receptive to what you want and you will get new, inspiring ideas that will lead you to exactly the right people, the right circumstances that will create whatever it is you are focusing on.

If you feel lack – get what you want by changing focus
If you feel strong doubts and negative thoughts they will stop you from getting what you want, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t come to you. You will need to shift focus from the subject that is causing these negative thoughts to whatever makes you happy. If you for instance want more money and you have a strong feeling of lack right now, it may be too difficult for you to visualize that you are rich and that having money coming in to your life is not a problem. You are too far away from that reality and pretending that you are rich will only make the feeling of lack stronger. It will remind you of what you don’t have and you will feel less happy than you were before you started visualizing. The only thing that will get you what you want is by shifting focus to whatever makes you happy. By shifting focus from whatever it is that is making you feel negative feelings to something that makes you happy it will give you a whole new energy, a new vibration that is higher and more positive. That will attract to you more of what you want. You will be in a receptive mood and you will automatically get more of everything that you are wishing for.

If anything causes you to feel down and miserable, you cannot fix it by making changes. No action you make will ever fix a situation that makes you feel miserable if you haven’t first changed the way you feel about it. A feeling of lack or any other negative feeling will always give you more of just that. Making things change before you change your thoughts about it will at best give you a moment of relief as the situation seems to be resolved, but it will soon come back to you again in one way or another if you still have the same feelings of lack. Taking some time to adjust how you feel about something is the only way to effortlessly make positive changes without making yourself work hard and get exhausted doing it.

You are a being that is made up by energy and you are always in one particular energetic state. Your energy is always moving in one unique frequency and that frequency is determined by what you think. When you see something in your life as a challenge it will cause your energy to move slowly and that slow frequency will attract to you more of what you don’t want. Instead of working hard at resolving something you consider to be a problem  – use visualizations as tool to make the changes effortlessly and easy. When you visualize about something you want you will automatically sign up with that object or situation so that you will have the exact same frequency and when you do you will attract this thing or situation to you. It will take some time before it materializes in your life, but you will only need to spend about fifteen minutes a day visualizing to make the changes you want.

You need to be aware of and understand how powerful your thoughts are and how much you can really affect any situation just by making a shift in what you are focusing on. You can make that change now. It doesn’t even have to take long before you see results.

How to visualize
Sit down in a comfortable position and make a visualization of what it is you wish to have. See it before your eyes as you do when you are daydreaming about something. Imagine that you already are in  position of whatever it is you want. See it as if you are in this picture and feel as if you would already have it in your reality. It is important that you think of it as if it were reality now and not later on in life. When you are thinking that it is in your reality now you will attract it to you, but if you think of it as something that will come to you later it will never come. “Later” doesn’t exist. Only now exists and it is important that your visualizations are always in the present tense.

Spend about fifteen minutes every day doing this visualization and try to make it as vivid and real as possible. The more you can feel that you already are in possession of what you want the stronger you will feel it and the stronger you feel it the faster it will manifest in your life.

As you visualize the things you want in your life and imagine them to already be in your life you are also going to repeat a sentence in your mind. Its called an affirmation and its going to create a new pathway in your brain that will make your thoughts about this matter shift from lack to whatever you choose to replace it with. Describe what you want in a short, positive sentence.


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