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Do This & Manifest Everything You Desire

Your feelings are your guide
To be a creator and manifest whatever you want in your life you need to be in control of your feelings. It’s your thoughts that gives you whatever feeling you have, but your thoughts are far to difficult to control. If you instead observe your feelings, you will know what energy you have right now and since all energies that has the same frequency are always attracted to each other  you will attract to you whatever you think (and feel) about. If you for instance want more money and you want to increase the flow of money into your life you need to find a feeling that matches the feeling you would have if you already had what you are wishing for. If it’s money you want you need to find the feeling of already having money. When you do that you will change your frequency to the exact same frequency that money has and it will be drawn to you. As long as you don’t have too many negative thoughts about this subject it will come fast and swift into your life, but if you feel a lack of money and doubt that it will come you, you create a resistance that will keep the money from flowing to you. Believing in it is crucial and you do that by visualizing that you already have it. Sit down, relax and picture yourself already being in the situation you want to be. Feel how good it feels to have all the money you want and deserve. Be happy, be joyful and see yourself spending all that money and more coming to you in a steady stream. Fantasize. Your brain doesn’t know the difference between fantasy and reality. You fantasy will create a new neural pathway in your brain that with time and continual practice will grow stronger and stronger. You will soon begin to see result from your visualization.

Happiness is the key to more of what you want
All you desire is yours to have when you start using your power to create by focusing on the things that makes you happy. It may seem strange that you should focus on the things that makes you happy when all you really want is to fix the things that are not working out for you, but you can never fix anything if you’re not in alignment with it energetically. You need to first change the way you think and feel about what you want before you make any changes.

Why can’t you change something that you’re not happy with?
As long as you feel that there is something missing you cannot change it and get a positive, long lasting change. As long as you think negative thoughts about something you will always attract more of the same thing to you and if you make the situation change before you change your thoughts about it it will always come back to you in one way or another. When you change your thoughts about a situation that isn’t working out for you, you will change your vibration and you will start attracting a new thing, more positive things. You will attract to you what you are focusing on. Once you realize that you have the power to direct your focus to that which brings you joy it will forever change your life. It will give you so much more than you have ever dreamt possible. You are always using the law of attraction and it is always delivering to you that which you are focusing on, but with intention you can learn to decide what you want to be delivered to you.

If you feel lack – get what you want by changing focus
If you feel strong doubts and negative thoughts they will stop you from getting what you want, but that doesn’t mean that it wont come to you. You will need to shift focus from the subject that is causing these negative thoughts to whatever makes you happy. If you really want more money and have a strong feeling of lack right now, it may be too difficult for you to visualize that you are rich and that having money coming in to your life is not a problem. You are too far away from that reality and pretending that you are rich will only make the feeling of lack stronger. It will remind you of what you don’t have and you will feel less happy then you were before you started visualizing. The only thing that will get you what you want is by shifting focus to whatever makes you happy. By shifting focus from whatever it is that is making you feel negative feelings to something that makes you happy it will give you a whole new energy, a new vibration that is higher and more positive. That will attract to you more of what you want. You will be in a receptive mood and you will automatically get more of everything that you are wishing for.

If anything causes you to feel down and miserable, you cannot fix it by making changes. No action you make will ever fix a situation that makes you feel miserable if you haven’t first changed the way you feel about it. A feeling of lack or any other negative feeling will always give you more of just that. Making things change before you change your thoughts about it will at best give you a moment of relief as the situation seems to be resolved, but it will soon come back to you again in one way or another if you still have the same feelings of lack. That’s the same thing that happens sometimes when some people have the same kinds of relationships over and over again. They attract the same type of partner to them because they haven’t changed their thought and beliefs first. That’s why its so important to be aware of what you believe in, what you think about yourself and the world around you. All negative beliefs are going to attract to you negative results.

The best thing you can do to become healthier & happier is to start  a daily routine and visualize every morning for at least fifteen minutes. You will start growing new neural connections in your brain that will grow stronger the longer you keep doing this exercise. It’s like building a road and your repetitive thoughts that you think as you visualize your dream as it was already in your life will build this road and make it stronger and bigger the longer you keep practicing. In a while (it’s different for different people how long time it takes) your road/connection in your brain will be so strong that it will have raised your vibration som much that you automatically draw to you more of everything that make you happy and you will have a much more positive attitude now that you have replaced one negative thought with this new picture you have been visualizing.

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