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Health benefits of eating apples


An apple a day is a good recipe for health. They are packed with nutrients and important antioxidants that may help reduce the risk of developing cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.

Because much of the antioxidant content of an apple is found in its peel, you’ll want to leave the peel on when you eat it.

Here are some of the Health benefits of eating apples…

Apples could lower your risk of diabetes. Apples are full of soluble fiber, which slows the digestion of food and the entry of glucose into the bloodstream. One group of researchers discovered that women who ate at least one apple a day were 28 percent less likely to develop diabetes than those who ate none.

Apples are good for your brain. The fruit has been linked to an uptick in acetylcholine production, which communicates between nerve cells, so apples may help your memory and lower your chances of developing Alzheimer’s.

Reduce your risk of stroke. A study involving 9,208 men and women showed that those who ate the most apples over a 28-year period had the lowest risk for stroke. The researchers concluded “the results suggest that the intake of apples is related to a decreased risk of thrombotic stroke.”

Apples may protect your lungs from pollutants. A study from St. George’s Hospital Medical School in London found that people who eat five or more apples a week have better lung function than those who don’t.

Apples may keep you slim. One component of an apple’s peel is something called ursolic acid boosts calorie burn and increases muscle.

Apples also act as a toothbrush, cleaning teeth and killing bacteria in the mouth, which may reduce the risk of tooth decay.


Health risk

Apples top the Environmental Working Group´s annual Dirty Dozen™ list of most pesticide-contaminated produce. Non organic apples are often waxed which is not digestible.
Choose organic apples.

Apple juice concentrate can be full of arsenic when it is not organic according to Dr. Oz in his research. They did not find arsenic in organic apple juice.


Tips for adding apples to your diet 

  • Enjoy a whole apple – skin and all – for your afternoon snack today.
  • Slice apples, roll them in cinnamon and eat them as a snack.
  • Dice apples and sprinkle cinnamon and eat them with Greek yogurt.
  • Include apples in your smoothies.
  • Dice apples and add them to your salad.
  • Try my Brazil nut porridge with creamy cashew milk


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