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Organic perfume

Our skin is like a huge sponge and it absorbs everything we are putting on it. Would you like to eat acetone or petroleum? No? That’s what is in most of our perfumes today.

In the beginning when perfume was made, only natural products with the highest quality were used but in the 20th century cheaper ingredients were introduced, like phthalates, synthetics, acetone and petroleum. Studies have linked these chemicals to asthma, migraines, birth defects and cancer.

Organic perfume is a natural, healthy alternative to synthetic perfumes.

One of my personal favorites is Sugared Vanilla from Love and Toast. It has a wonderful scent that reminds me of fudge or toffee. It is a light scent that lingers all day. The ingredients are natural, organic and all packaging is recyclable made from renewable and sustainable resources. Love & Toast’s Perfumes are made with naturally derived alcohol, free from chemical nasties and are vegan friendly.
Love & Toast also uses vegetable ink on the packaging.

They have a whole collection of body care products. Check out their  webpage.

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