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Natural beauty

Natural organic makeup – RMS Beauty

The only foundation you will ever need.

A couple of weeks ago I bought this foundation from RMS Beauty and I absolutely loved it. It is the best foundation I have ever tried. It gives the skin a perfectly smooth silky look. It blends in wonderfully and It looks and feels like I´m not wearing any makeup at all. It is so natural, light and sheer. I feel years younger wearing it and my skin has never looked so good.

The foundation has a soft, creamy, hydrating texture that nourishes the skin. My skin often tends to be a little dry and RMS keeps my skin moist throughout the whole day.
I bought two different shades. “Un” cover-up 11 and 33. I use them both in different areas of the face for contouring. Nr. 11 is a pale shade with a subtle yellow base and nr. 33 has a lovely warm, tan color. It is still pretty light and I think I might need to buy nr. 44 for the summer.

All the products from RMS Beauty have high quality organic ingredients and all the packaging are from recycled materials.

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RMS Lip2Cheek
This color is so pretty. I have never had a cream blush before but this is a keeper. It gives my cheeks a natural, rosy glow as if I had been out for a long walk. It is soft, creamy and very easy to apply. Just a small amount is enough to add a warm, rosy color to the cheeks. This is the best blush I have ever had. A definite must-have product!

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