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Raw marzipan and truffle

Last week I made these wonderful marzipan/truffle treats. I think they lasted about two days or so before we had eaten them all so now I have to make a new batch and hide them so they will last until Christmas.

I made small marzipan bites and a couple of marzipan rolls. The small bites takes a little more time to make and if you don’t want to spend the whole evening rolling marzipan balls, go ahead and make the rolls. They are just as tasty as the marzipan bites.




2 cups almond flour
1/3 cup agave syrup

1/3 cup hazelnuts
1/2 cup medjool dates
1 tablespoon cocoa powder
Some hazelnuts for decoration



  1. Put the almond flour and agave syrup in a blender and blend for a couple of minutes until the mixture begins to form a ball on the blade (about 1-2 minutes, depending on your blender). You may need to scrape down the sides of the bowl once or twice. The marzipan is quite sticky. If you want it less sticky you can put it in the fridge for an hour before you continue.


  1. Put all of the ingredients for the truffle in a blender and blend until you have a smooth texture.


How to make small marzipan bites

  1. Split the marzipan into small pieces and roll them into balls.
  2. Flatten each piece gently, place a small piece of nougat on top of it and roll it into the marzipan.
  3. Dip the balls in melted chocolate and place them on a plate.
  4. Decorate with hazelnuts cut in half. Chill in the fridge until devouring.

How to make a marzipan roll

  1. You might find the marzipan needs to be refrigerated before it is firm enough to be rolled out.
  2. Roll the marzipan into a long roll.
  3. Use a rolling pin to roll the marzipan into a thin sheet.
  4. Roll the truffle into a long roll and roll it into the marzipan sheet.
  5. Divide the roll into three pieces.
  6. Brush the rolls with melted chocolate and decorate with finely chopped hazelnuts.


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