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Healthy Breakfast Banana Split

My favorite breakfast…healthy banana split…

…with chia strawberry jam.



My favorite breakfast….healthy banana split!
You have to try this recipe. It’s so good, satisfying, easy to make and healthy. Perfect as breakfast or a snack. I’ve been enjoying this breakfast the last couple of days and I love it. You’ll make the strawberry chia jam in just a couple of minutes and then it will last for several days in the fridge. I swirl my jam into my morning yogurt, with my gluten free pancakes or spread over toast with peanut butter. It’s a great alternative to ordinary jam with sugar.

I usually make my chia jam with organic strawberries and I usually use frozen strawberries (since I live in Sweden and we have winter most of the year), but you can use any kind of berries. Stir in a couple of tablespoons chia seeds (lots of Omega 3’s) and within a few minutes, the chia seeds will absorb the fruit juices and thicken it to a jammy consistency.

The best ratio of fruit to chia seeds is two cups of fruit to two tablespoons of chia seeds. Start with this ratio, then if your fruit was very juicy or you’d like a thicker consistency, stir in more chia seeds one teaspoon at a time.


One ripe banana
Greek yoghurt
Toasted nuts or granola

Chia strawberry jam
2 cups strawberries
2 tablespoons chia seeds


Chia strawberry jam

  1. Stir in the chia seeds with the strawberries.
  2. Use a fork to mash the berries to the consistency you like. If you’d prefer not to have visible chia seeds in your finished jam, puree the jam in a blender or with an immersion blender.
  3. Once you’ve got your berries to the right consistency, add the chia seeds. Mix it all very well and allow to set in the fridge, about half an hour.
  4. Taste and add agave syrup or honey if you would like a sweeter jam. Enjoy!

Banana split

  1. Divide the banana in two halves and place it on a plate.
  2. Add a generous amount of greek yoghurt.
  3. Add your chia strawberry jam, granola or nuts and agave syrup.

Video tutorial that steps you through this recipe. Click to play


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TUTORIAL – Easy DIY Christmas Candle Jar!


Alright, here is a super easy DIY project to add some sparkle to your Christmas decor! With just basic supplies, you can makes this Christmas candle jar that look amazing when illuminated at night. You don’t have to be an incredible artist to make this candle jar – just cut out the image and glue it to your jar. I have included a video tutorial for you further down this post and you will be able to download a FREE template.

This christmas candle jar will look great all lit up on your holiday table, or make it as a homemade gift for your loved ones.


  • A clean empty jar
  • 1 piece of paper to print the template on
  • Scalpel or a pair of scissors
  • Glue.
  • Candle
  • Template – Download it further down this post

Video tutorial that steps you through this project. Click to play.


Download the template here and scale to the right size for your jars. (Right click and “save as”)


I hope you all enjoy it. Let me know below if you have any questions or requests! :)

Happy Crafting!



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Affirmations and a new project

Positive affirmations - The law of attraction
Positive affirmations - The law of attraction
Positive affirmations - The law of attraction

Positive affirmations
I’ve been thinking about starting painting for a long time and I’ve had this idea that I want to make paintings to help me with positive affirmations. Just before summer I read a book by Dr. Wayne Dyer about how we can change our lives and get what we want if we imagine that we already have it (positive affirmations – I wrote about it here >>). I’ve spent this summer trying different affirmations and by now I’m convinced it works. I first started off by trying something small. I really wanted to get a magazine to write about my blog so I imagined myself already having the magazine in my hand with the article about me and my blog in it. I imagined how I visited their office and I had brought some of my homemade raw food cookies. We all laughed, hugged and had a great time. Off course they wanted to write about me. =) I could feel how happy I was when I was imagining all of this as if it was already happening.

It worked!
I spent a lot of time every day thinking and focusing on this image. When I was driving my car, when I was making dinner, as I was sitting in my couch watching tv and one and a half weeks later something happened. I tried to post one of my recipes on a new webpage that I hadn’t visited before. When I published my recipe on their page I wasn’t allowed to link to my blog, so I wrote to the editor and asked if I had missed a box or something. Why would I give them recipes if I wasn’t able to link to my blog?

One day later I got an e-mail saying that they didn’t link to other pages but they loved my blog and if I wanted they would be happy to write an article about me! Wow! That was my first experience with trying affirmations. One week later I got another offer from another food magazine saying they wanted to write about me too.

I’ve tried a few different things since then and they have all come true. Thats how I got the idea that I wanted to make paintings to make it easier to affirm positive things and feelings into my life. I always find it easier to imagine something if I have a picture to look at and with a picture I would be reminded of my goal every time I saw it.

This first painting will be a positive affirmation for “I love my life”. I have just started so we’ll see how it turns out.

Positive affirmations - The law of attraction

The law of attraction
If you’d like to know more about affirmations and how to get started listen to Dr. Wayne Dyer on You Tube. He has lots of videos where he explains the law of attraction. I always get very inspired when I listen to him talk.

Your wish is your command

your wish is my command

How listening to Dr Wayne Dyer cd’s changed my life
This is the cd’s I bought and listened to last spring and it has totally changed my life. So many positive things have happened and still do happen because I have changed the way I’m thinking and because I’m now aware of how my thoughts create my reality.

I can really recommend that you listen to these cd’s. You don’t have to buy them like I did. Go to You Tube and search for “Kevin Trudeau’s Your Wish is Your Command CD 1” and then search for “Kevin Trudeau’s Your Wish is Your Command CD 2”. I think there are twelve cd’s. I listened to one cd each day.

Heres a link to all of the cd’s >>

On the first four cd’s Wayne is talking about basic things and I got a bit frustrated because I wanted to learn how to attract positive things into my life at once. Don’t give up…keep listening! You will find out how to do it in cd five or six. The first four cd’s are a bit boring but they are important so don’t give up.

Lots of love,



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Making My Own Swedish Glögg (Mulled Wine)

My daughter Cornelia and I are brewing this years glögg.

Walking through the woods

Taking a picture of myself, trying to get it in focus…not easy  =)


My Swedish glögg from last year.

It’s a sunny autumn day here and I’ve just been out for a long walk. It’s so beautiful outside now with all the bright autumn colors and the yellow leaves slowly falling off the trees. It almost feels like I’m in a fairy tale as I walk through the woods outside our house. It’s so pretty.

Swedish glögg (mulled wine)
Every year this time I always make my own Swedish glögg (mulled wine).  Making my own glögg is the best way to get into the christmas spirit. I know it’s still a long way to christmas, but the mulled wine needs time to brew and while it’s brewing the whole house is filled with the most lovely seasonal smell of cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and raisins. The thing about glögg is that it gets better the longer it sits and even if you can buy glögg in any store around here there’s nothing like the homemade version. Try it and I promise you will love it.

The best recipe?
I’ve had this recipe for years and each year I have tweaked it a bit to make it even better. You will get many bottles of glögg from this recipe and it’s always a very appreciated gift. I’m buying old, beautiful bottles and make my own labels to make them really pretty.

Most english and american recipes I have looked at use red wine to make a quicker version of glögg, but they’re not at all the same as this recipe. This version of glögg that sits for weeks before it’s finished is much more flavorful, thicker and better in every way. If you happen to have any bottles left after christmas, don’t worry. The glögg will only get better and better the longer it sits. I just opened a bottle from last year and it was soo good. Yum!

5 litre svagdricka (small beer)
2 kg/70 ounces sugar
50 grams yeast
500 grams raisins
33 grams whole cloves
20 grams cardamom pods
3 cinnamon sticks
5 cm fresh ginger, cut in pieces
5 peeled potatoes, cut in pieces


  1. Mix everything in a large, clean bucket and stir.
  2. Put a clean kitchen towel on top.
  3. Let it brew for at least four weeks (the longer, the better) and strain.
  4. Pour into bottles.


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I´m Trying Moyana Corigans Organic Makeup…


I have recently fallen in love with a Swedish organic brand called Moyana Corigan. The company is run by Monica and her two daughters Linda and Madelene. Together they make all products by hand with organic ingredients, completely without additives like parabens, dyes, mineral oil or silicon.

I discovered their lovely products when the kids and I visited a store on our holiday this summer. In the middle of the store there was a table full of small bottles in beautiful pastel colors and the label next to them said “organic body lotion” so off course I had to try. The smelled so good! I bought a pink liquid soap and a body lotion with strawberry scent. I used them all summer and loved loved them so much that I asked the girls at Moyana if I could come and see them at their office.


We sat down at the office and talked about how everything started. Monica told me that her interest in essential oils started many years ago when she read about how different scents affects our mood. She read everything she could about the subject and started making her own organic soap. As the soap got more and more popular she also started making other organic products and soon she had a whole range of organic skin care and makeup.


I tried most of their products and I wanted to buy all of them! These all smelled so good and after talking to these women I know that they are really passionate about making great products with the best organic ingredients they can find.

I got some samples and here are some of my favorites…

Mini Lippies Hunny Bunny


Lip Balm in luxurious packaging: Creamy, soft and wonderful with a mild scent of strawberries (there are several different scents). Amazingly soft to put on and gives a little shimmer. Something in-between a lip gloss and lip balm. Perfect for the cold winter when your lips need extra moisture.

Addicted to lip balm? Have you ever felt that your lips get drier when you use lip balm? It’s because lip balm almost always contain mineral oils (for example paraffin that’s also called petroleum) or alcohol and that slows the production of your lips creating moisture so that they dry out more, at that point you need to use the balm over and over again to keep them hydrated. Moyana Corigans lip balm contains nice oils like coconut oil, sesame seed oil and shea butter that takes care and moisturizes your lips. I will give this lip balm to my daughters to bring to school this winter.

There are lippies in different scents, for example caramel, coconut, cherry, kiwi, raspberry/licorice, jelly bean and a few more.

Body Scrub Strawberry Cupcake


Best scrub ever… You have to try this. It is the best scrub with the loveliest scent I’ve ever tried. Sooo so good. This makes your skin silky smooth and smells almost addictively good.

Organic skincare


I have used these cleansing products for a couple weeks now and they are great. The makeup removal is soft and removes all the makeup. The toner deep cleanses well, refreshes my face and gives me the feeling of being completely clean without getting dry skin. Completely alcohol-free.

Facial moisturizer and nourishing oil


Fantastic oil and moisturizer which really softens the skin. They both contain different oils like borage oil, avocado oil, lecithin, carotene and apricot kernel oil which are good for dry, mature and sensitive skin. Rosehip seed oil and sesame seed oil are good for sensitive and dry skin and the same goes for safflower oil and vitamin E.

Both the oil and moisturizer are free from any kind of scent and not like many other products that smell like ointment without a smell, these are actually completely scent free. They give a soft feeling which also gives you a nice glow.

Makeup with Moyanas ecological makeup
I have only tried a few of Moayanas products but I will definitely keep buying from this label. They have for example mineral makeup which they’ve made by hand completely without additives. I haven’t had the time to try them yet, but the colors are wonderful so it’s definitely on my “need to have” list.

Have a lovely day,

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Healthy Peanut Butter Bites

Healthy-Peanut-Butter-Bites Healthy-Peanut-Butter-Bites2 Healthy-Peanut-Butter-Bites3 Healthy-Peanut-Butter-Bites4

When our oldest daughter started a new school this autumn she wanted to bring a healthy snack, so I tried a new recipe of healthy energy bars with peanut butter. They are so yummy and easy to bring with you. I’ve tried making healthy bars before, but this time I really succeeded. This peanut butter bar is soft with crunchy bits of Rice Krispies and almonds and they have just the right amount of sweetness.

The first batch only lasted a few days. It was meant for her to bring one to school each day but the family couldn’t resist eating them so they disappeared quickly. It didn’t matter so much because they were really easy to make. It’s basically only mixing the ingredients, pour it down in a mold, put them in the freezer for an hour and then cutting them.

Video tutorial that steps you through this project. Click to play.


1,5 cups pitted dates
1 cup peanut butter
2 cups almonds
1,5 cups rolled oats
1 cup Rice Krispies
1/4 cup agave syrup
0,5 tea spoon salt
Dark chocolate


  1. Put the peanut butter and the dates in a blender and blend until smooth.
  2. Heat a frying pan to low temperature, add the almonds and stirr frequently for a couple of minutes. No oil is needed. Remove them just before they become golden brown.
  3. Place the almonds on a chopping board and chop them coarsely.
  4. Put all of the ingredients in a large bowl. Use your hands and mix until well combined.
  5. Transfer the mixture to a 9 x 12-inch (or similarly sized pan) that has been lined with plastic wrap.
  6. Set aside in the freezer for an hour or more to harden.
  7. Using plastic wrap to lift, remove bars from pan. Cut into 4 rows by 4 rows.
  8. Dip each bite in melted chocolate.
  9. Store tightly covered.

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Review – 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Lip & Cheek Tint

Natural organic makeup

Natural Make-Up

100% Pure products have quickly become one of my new favorite organic beauty lines. They only use pure, organic and all natural ingredients and all of the colors comes from berries and fruit. I just love companies like this that makes everything from package to product in organic all natural material. 100% Pure loves animals and their products are completely cruelty free and vegan. They even print the packages with natural ink made of soy. Hooray!

You can use 100% Pure Lip & Cheek Tint both as a natural blush and a lipstick. It has a nice, creamy texture and you only need a small amount to get a very natural blush look. It nourishes the skin with all the natural ingredients and it gives the cheeks a nice dewey look.

100% Pure Lip & Cheek Tint is made of 100% natural ingredients, moisturizing cocoa butter and Shea butter. It’s full of antioxidants and nourishing ingredients from fruits and berries. It even smells like a delicious berry. 100% free of artificial colors, artificial fragrances, synthetic chemical preservatives and all other toxins. This is truly pure health food for your skin.

100% Pure Lip & Cheek Tint comes in six different shades. I have tried Sugar Plum. It’s really nice, but perhaps a little too red for me. Next time I think I’ll try Pink Grapefruit Glow.


Natural organic makeup

100% Pure has a wide range of lovely products. I have tried the fruit pigmented powder and I love it! It gives a flawless, “satin matte” finish. It also has SPF, which is great.
The fruit pigmented mascara was a bit too wet and it was difficult to apply it without the eyelashes sticking together.

If you would like to get your hands on these amazing products, check out 100% Pure website. The site is full of goodies, all cruelty and toxic free. I always end up ordering much more than I intended to! If you use 100% Pure products, I would love to know what you think? What’s your favorite?


Natural organic makeup


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Gluten Free & Raw Frozen Snickers Cake

Creamy peanut butter filling and dark chocolate. So good….

Decorate with some fresh flowers and peanuts.


Seriously decadent Raw food cake that satisfy’s every craving
Ahhh, this chocolate and peanut butter raw cake is just amazing. It’s so rich in flavor and tastes super indulgent, but is made with all healthy ingredients! The combination of dark chocolate, creamy gooey peanut butter filling, a layer of sweet dates and crips chocolate topping makes this raw peanut butter cake almost irresistible.
I didn’t really intend to make this cake a frozen cake, but as I put it in the freezer to make it easier to cut slices I discovered it was perfect to eat semi frozen. It’s like a chocolate cake with peanut butter ice-cream.

Whether it’s for a birthday party, an after-dinner dessert or just a way to satisfy a sweet tooth, you really can’t go wrong with this amazing gluten-free peanut butter cake.


1 cup sunflower seeds
1 cup large pitted dates (medjool)
3 tablespoons cocoa powder

Peanut butter filling
2 cups cashew nuts
1 cup peanut butter
1 teaspoon salt

Chocolate topping
1 cup large pitted dates (medjool)
80g dark chocolate
2 tablespoons coconut oil without coconut flavor



  1. Put sunflower seeds, cocoa powder and dates in a blender or food processor and process until it reaches the consistency of a sticky dough.
  2. Press with your fingers onto a bread pan to create the first layer.

Peanut butter filling

  1. Put the cashews in a blender and process until it becomes smooth and creamy, stopping to scrape down the sides of the bowl every minute or two.
  2. When the nut butter is creamy and smooth – add the peanut butter and salt.
  3. Pour on the peanut butter filling on top of the crust.

Chocolate topping

  1. Put the pitted dates in a blender and blend well. Spread the date paste evenly over the peanut butter filling.
  2. Melt the dark chocolate and stir in the coconut oil.
  3. Pour the melted chocolate evenly over the layer of date paste.
  4. Put the cake in the freezer for a couple of hours.
  5. Take out the raw peanut butter cake at least twenty minutes before serving. Cut it in slices, decorate with fresh flowers and peanuts.

Make the recipe and tell me what you think. I love seeing your recreations, please share them with me via Instagram using @angelas_heaven and Facebook using Angelas Heaven.

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Super cozy! – Review of Nolbygårds Cafe & Bakery

Nolbygårds Cafe & Bakery


It’s difficult to choose from all the delicious cookies, cakes and homemade bread.

In the café you’ll find a variety of cookies, sandwiches and raw food snacks.

On the second floor there’s a small boutique with homemade, knitted clothes.

In the garden there’s beautiful flowers and antique furniture everywhere.

Most of the vegetables that are served at the café are grown in their own garden.


Behind Nolbygård are the most beautiful yellow and green meadows.

There’s an old tram in the garden and if you want you can sit inside and have a cup of coffee.

The barn is full of old antiques like bicycles, furniture, windows, toys and paint.

So many pretty things…


An organic café serving a healthy soup buffet and delicious organic cookies
I love to grab a snack, and if it’s organic and serves raw food balls, then I have to try it. It was a perfect outing for me and my kids. This cozy café is located just outside the city center of Alingsås and if it is nice weather outside I recommend sitting in the beautiful garden amongst all the flowers. This particular day, when we were here with my mother and the children, it was pretty chilly, but we found a cozy nook indoors and it was just as fine.  All rooms are furnished with traditional furniture. The walls are decorated with floral wallpaper and you can hear quiet and soft music that strengthens the feeling that you have been moved to another century.

Soup Buffet
We choose the soup buffet for 95kr and we taste the nettle soup and the red lentil soup with the bakery’s own fantastic homemade bread. Afterwards it is difficult to choose from the cake buffet, to make sure we don´t miss out, we take one slice of almost everything. Of course I try the raw food balls, mom tries the biggest vanilla bun filled with vanilla cream and the kids try the cookies, miniature mazarin, chocolate ball and a soft chocolate cake. The raw food balls were OK but not fantastic, though the other cakes got 10/10. Both mom and the kids looked very pleased with their pastries.

In the bakery you can even buy small items such as olive oils, jam, the bakery’s own coffee and more. I bought chaga mushrooms that I have read a lot about, but never tried. It is a mushroom that grows on tree trunks. It absorbs the nutrients from the tree and concentrates the contents so that it’s full of good nutrients.

Chaga mushroom
In Siberia it is called “the mushroom of immortality¨ and studies from the USA describes the mushroom as one of the strongest antioxidants available. You can buy chaga mushrooms as powder, but I tried putting whole chunks in boiling water. It turned out pretty good. Almost exactly like coffee. The mushroom was expensive (200kr for one packet), but it can be used for a long time and can be cooked over and over again until the color fades away. The chaga mushroom shall be cooked for a long time to get out as much nutrients and taste as possible. I made a big pot of it that I cooked for one hour and then poured in a bottle so I had really good ¨coffee¨ for days. I can really recommend trying chaga. It tastes delicious and very healthy.

Bottom line: Try this place, you won’t regret it.

Soup 5/10
Cookies 10/10
Raw food 4/10
Service 10/10
Atmosphere 10/10
Value for money 8/10

Nolbygårds organic bakery
Tomteredsvägen 1
441 38 Alingsås

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Summer In My Garden

Pink flowers outside my front door.

I love the small details. This heart decorates the stairs leading up the the front door.

Fragrant lavender plants in full glorious purple bloom.

Somewhere someone is getting lots of delicious lavender honey…

A few years ago I put this bird house in a tree and we have new guests every year.


It’s a grey summer day and I’m sitting here looking at yesterday’s pictures from my garden. I have recently bought a new lens for my camera and I’m so happy that I’ve finally learnt how to master ¨fuzzy ¨ and romantic pictures that I have been trying to take for so long. I thought it depended on the lighting and I have tried with lamps and different types of daylight to achieve the fuzziness of the picture, but now I know that the trick is not in the lighting, it’s in the equipment. I love these light, pastel pictures that fades into a soft, fuzzy nothing and now I can’t help myself taking pictures of everything I see. Yesterday I was in my garden taking close ups on the small details that turn out the best with this macro lens.

It’s exciting to dive into a bumble bee, a wasp or a snail’s world and discover what it looks like. Every single detail is shown perfectly and you can’t help but be fascinated how beautiful everything is.

At our house the lavender is in full bloom. A sea of purple flowers is swaying side to side and small bees are buzzing happily around the flowers. Lavender is one of my favorite flowers. Partially because it’s so pretty and because they smell so good, but also because it is easy to take care of. I cut it down once a year and it grows back twice the size every year. Right now it has almost taken over the flower beds and only the pink shrub roses and the white hydrangea have succeeded to survive and have risen above the purple sea.

Have a lovely day,


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