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How To Keep Greens Fresh For a Long Time

How to store your vegetables and greens
Tired of throwing away food? Here’s a tip that will extend the life of your leafy greens for several days. Keep them in a moist kitchen towel! It’s super easy and all leafy greens stays fresh and crisp for days. That way I always have fresh salad in ready to go when I want to eat them. Here’s how I do it…

  • If you are storing root vegetables…remove the green tops from the vegetables and store them separately. The greens draw away moisture and nutrients from the vegetable. (click here to read more about why you should eat the green tops of your root vegetables and get recipe ideas >>)
  • Wash and remove any damaged spots or leaves.
  • Arrange your clean, wet greens on the moist towel and spread them into an even layer.
  • Gently roll up the towel, forming a bundle.
  • Keep the towel in the fridge and keep it moist by spraying water on it every few days or keep it in a plastic bag.



Use a kitchen towel with organic fabric washed with unscented laundry soap and no fabric softener. Otherwise you’ll have a very interesting flavor to your salad. =)

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