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My Favorite Juicer

I am using a low speed juicer from Omega. I love it. It is quiet, it has a nice design and it is easy to clean up. I would recommend it to anyone that wants to start juicing. I’m using it daily for making juices. It does take some time to make the juice but it’s totally worth it. It’s extremely durable, reliable and it can also juice wheatgrass (most juicers cannot do this, so you often have to buy a separate wheatgrass juicer).

Easy to clean
My biggest concern when choosing a juicer was how difficult it was to clean. I would say this takes about 5 minutes and it’s very easy. All of the components come apart easily which makes cleaning a breeze. The trick to cleanup is to do it immediately. I take apart the juicer right when I finish, before even moving the catch trays for juice and pulp.

More nutrition
This juicer is great for juicing vegetables, fruit and wheatgrass. Because it operates at lower speed than other types of juicers it produces less heat and as a result the nutrients in the juice are preserved. Low speed prevents the juice from oxidizing so you retain as much vitamins, enzymes etc. as possible. Because this juicer uses twin gears which gently and slowly extract the juice, it doesn’t degrade or oxidize nearly as fast as it does with a centrifugal juicer. It may take longer to juice because it juices more slowly but it squeezes out every bit of juice, leaving you with very dry pulp, so you’re getting more juice from the same amount of fruits and vegetables compared to other juicers.

Happy juicing!



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