The benefits of soaking nuts and seeds


Many of us know that nuts are very healthy, but did you know that if you don’t soak the nuts in water before you eat them you will lose most of its nutritional value?

All nuts and seeds have  enzyme inhibitors (natural toxins) that protect them from predators while growing. Theese toxic substances (enzyme inhibitors) inhibits your bodys absorbtion of important minerals that you need.

The very simple process of soaking releases these chemicals, helping you to absorb your food’s essential minerals and nutrients. Additionally, by soaking the nuts with the removal of these nutritional inhibitors and toxic substances, the flavor and taste is much more ideal and appealing.

To summarize: Soaking nuts and seeds makes them easier to digest and improves their flavor.

Soaking nuts, seeds and grains is very important. It removes the enzyme inhibitors which prevent you from breaking down the food properly. In other words if you eat nuts that are not soaked you are wasting your money. They can’t be digested properly and you won’t get close to the amount of nutrition and enzymes as you would with soaked nuts.

Soaked nuts have increased amounts of vitamins, especially B vitamins.

If unsoaked nuts usually bothers your stomach you might find that soaking the nuts will be the solution for you.

How to soak nuts
Combine nuts, sea salt and water in a large glass bowl.
Cover with a clean cloth and set in room temperature overnight.
Drain them in a colander and be sure to rinse them well.
Store in a closed container and keep in the refrigerator

Nuts: as much or as little as you’d like
Sea salt: approx. 1 tbsp. per 4 cups of nuts.
Using sea salt in your soak water helps de-activate the enzyme inhibitors and makes your nuts and seeds extra tasty.

Soaking times
Almonds: 8-12 hours
Brazil Nuts: 8 hours
Cashews: 2-3 hours
Flax Seeds: 8 hours
Hazelnuts: 8-12 hours
Macadamia Nuts: 8-12 hours
Pecans: 4-6 hours
Pistachio Nuts: 4-8 hours
Pumpkin Seeds: 8 hours
Sesame Seeds: 8 hours
Sunflower Seeds: 2 hours
Walnuts: 4 – 8 hours


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